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About Sweet Joy Brigadeiro-Brazilian Cafe

Once upon a time in Brazil there was a little girl named Marcia who lived in a city where chocolate treats are a national pastime. Her favorite childhood memory was seeing her mother working in the kitchen with a diversity of sweets, especially Brigadeiros.

Brigadeiro is a Brazilian delicacy enjoyed at practically all the major BRAZILIAN celebrations. It is a handmade bite size treat, which is similar to a chocolate fudge truffle. Brigadeiros are hand dipped candies known for their intense chocolate flavor and creamy texture. Brigadeiros are truly a mouth-watering delight.

Sweet Joy Brigadeiro is the first company in Milwaukee, WI that creates authentic gourmet Brigadeiros made by Brazilian chocolatier Marcia Joy.

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Welcome to Sweet Joy- Where Coffee Meets Culture!

We’re passionate about two things: exceptional coffee and celebrating the vibrant culture of Brazil. Our coffee and pastries are not just a beverage and a snack; it's a journey through the rich history and flavors of this beautiful country.

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Brazil with our authentic gourmet Brigadeiros at Sweet Joy Brigadeiro. Each handmade bite-sized treat is a celebration of intense chocolate goodness and a creamy texture, reminiscent of the traditional Brazilian delicacy. Crafted by our skilled chocolatier, Marcia Joy, our Brigadeiros promise a mouth-watering delight for every occasion. Experience the sweet joy of Brazilian chocolate right here in Milwaukee, WI.

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